Monday, February 25, 2013

Baked salmon and brown rice

Bento No. 285
I am back after a super long holiday over the Chinese New Year in Malaysia. We were there for 20 days!!  The purpose of this trip was primarily to visit Ah Ma who is recuperating well after a fall last year and to spend more time with her together with the rest of our relatives.  It was also my annual break away from household chores except for helping in cutting vegetables and setting the table for daily meal ;P  Indeed a loooong break, I ever had!! 

Ah Ma enjoying the fresh air with little helper

Back in Singapore, the usual routine begins as a homemaker.  The first lunchbox I prepared for my son simply was baked salmon, brown rice, blanched broccoli/carrots, egg roll and strawberries. No elaborate decorations.  I love the colours and arrangement.  Do you?

On a happy note, my son has also 90% recovered from his persistent cough after we consulted another pediatrician, Dr Jenny Tang, who specialised in asthma, lung, sleep and allergy at Singapore Baby & Child Clinic (SBCC). 

We made a magic wand today as requested by the Chinese teacher for him to bring it the school as part of their reading program activity.  The wand is made of used newspaper, blue crepe paper, his favourite panda sticker.    The yelow border is actually newspaper cutting.