Friday, March 31, 2017



How nice if I can fly to Taiwan or Japan to view the cherry blossom! It will be a wishful thing at the moment now.  Being a full time mum means I only get  my holidays the same time as my schooling kid which will only start at the end of May. By that time, the season is over.

This bento just resonates my sentiments.

Baked salmon flakes on top of the rice
Boiled carrot flower
Japanese cucumber
Green grapes

My boy has requested for a packed lunch as two of his favourite food stalls in his school has closed.  That day, mommy waited patiently at the same school gate hoping to pass the lunch box to him.  But he did not turn up because silly boy has forgotten about it after school despite being reminded in the morning.   Well, it still ended up in his tummy as dinner later ;)