Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bald eagle paper bag puppet

Time flies!  My boy is going to be 6 years old this year.  It will also be the last chance that we can do art and craft together.  Once he starts his formal education - Primary One next year, he will be too busy with his homework and I think he will not be interested anymore for a boy. 

Out of the blue, he asked me to make a bald eagle craft.  And I found it here using brown paper bag.  Hence, I used 'DLTK's craft for kids' as a guidance and made our own bald eagle.  Before we commenced, I turned to National Geography for kids for some vital interesting facts and pictures about bald eagle as part of home learning.  And to train his fine motor skills, I got him to cut it out after I had drawn the outline of each parts of the body.  He glued all the parts together which he did 90%.  The other 10% was that I checked and re-glued where it was not properly stick together.

Here we have our black and white bald eagle paper bag puppet ready to fly! But Papa said it looks like a chicken :O

Material for the bald eagle craft:-

  • Paper bag
  • Black and white colour paper (body, face and tail)
  • Yellow colour paper (claws)
  • Orange colour paper (beak)
  • Black marker
  • White chalk (to draw the patterns on its wing)
  • Large wiggling eyes

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Watermelon playground at Tampines Central Park

It's a good news to hear that our government decided to retain the iconic dragon playground at Lorong 6, Toa Payoh.  We visited the playground in July last year.  The neighbouring HDB ("Housing Development Board") public housing at Block 28 is deserted and has been slated for demolition.  Whatever redevelopment it will be, our children sure are lucky to be able to continue to enjoy it. 
Some of the theme playgrounds that are still on my wish list has to be the Train playground at Tiong Bahru and the Battleship at Sembawang.  Yeah, all the boyish stuff!   In the meantime, here is one of the watermelon playground at Tampines Central Park we frequented.  The structures are made of mosaic tiles just like the dragon playground.  Except it has been refurbished with rubber mat instead of white sand box and fitted with two modern rocking animals.  Simply a swing, a slide and rocking equipments are enough to make him the happiest kid!  Pure pleasures.........isn't it?
Watermelon playground at Tampines Central Park


Updated 8 August 2016
We revisited the Watermelon playground again!  And noticed, the playground has been refitted with a new black rubber mat and the swing has been removed.  New grills has also been installed around it.  How do you like the new look?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Bento No. 326
Chinese new year spring cleaning is very important to family traditionally and to some, the latter would do a thorough cleaning for instance giving the house a new paint like my neighbour who did it every year or, cleaning the refrigerator/cabinets.  And the cleaning companies always fully booked during this period of time.  Good business for them you bet!  I have no helper and I have never hired these cleaning companies (Oh how I wish so!).  Therefore, I usually do extra cleaning possibly the fridge and some parts of the cabinet.  This year, my back hurts a little since a fall in the bathroom when I bathed my son last year.  And I'm going to go slow and not too ambition to have everything in our house sparkling cleaned. 

My boy has soba and dumplings for lunch at home today.  And I made a mop with soba/seaweed and a pokey stick.  Besides it, was a dustpan  (cut from cucumber) filled with dirt (there were vegetarian pork floss with some sesame seeds).  Red cherry tomatoes symbolised spring.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Horse 'Hee Haw!'

Bento No. 325
Hee haw!  Time flies.  A new year and brand new beginning.   It's also the first day of the school for many parents in Singapore.  So is my son!  He has progressed to Kindergarten Level Two and assigned to a new class with a mix of old and new friends. And met his new teachers, Ms Josie and Yang Laoshi.  It's warm and nice to be back to school again.  Especially when the school's cook, Ms Jealous (ahem, I'm not sure about the name but that's how my boy addressed her)  welcome my boy with open arms and hug.  How's your kid fair on the first day of school?

It's also the year of the horse according to the Chinese Zodiac.   Hence, I made a horse onigiri flavoured with teriyaki sauce. I cut and decorated the details using seaweed.  In the box, he has cherry tomatoes, blanched broccoli, teriyaki chicken and yellow kiwi from Italy.