Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Omurice, Diorama and Mother's day gift

Omurice, a western dish with a Japanese twist!  My son liked it so much despite the omelette looked a bit burnt.  I had tried many Japanese dishes but strangely, this have never been in my cooking list.  And yes, it was his first omurice cooked by his mom! 

A diorama depicts an underwater sea creatures as part of his English lesson. A craft work my boy insisted to do and I have never seen such enthusiasm in him. He gathered all the materials that he could find at home. And he was lucky enough that we had a cardboard box idling around before mommy recycled it.  He had a collection of seashells he picked up from our last trip to Pangkor Island which he used it as part of the sea floor. Pipe cleaner as the seagrass.  Golden sprinkles as sand.  Eventually, we saw it displayed in his classroom during our Parent Teaching Meeting Day.  Perhaps, that was the reason why he was so eager to do it himself.

Looking back at previous Mother's day celebration in kindergartens where the ideas came from teachers, this piece of drawing was drew by himself and entirely his own initiative and creativity.   And I love it ! Okay, I have to confess that I have been pestering him about Mother's day gift.  :P