Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

We went to Bedok public library last Saturday for the first time.  We were totally at awe with the spacious reading area and adored the picturesque backdrop at the children's section.  We love Sg public libraries!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Year of Monkey - Chinese New Year reflection

A monkey silhouette for the bento to mark the year of Monkey in the Chinese zodiac.  His lunchbox consisted of :-

  • Teriyaki chicken thigh
  • Boiled carrot flowers
  • Stir fried sugar bean
  • Japanese cucumber leaves
  • Salmon furikake on the rice

We had a fabulous short getaway cum Chinese New Year holidays last weekend in Malaysia from 5 to 9 February 2016.  A yearly affair we would not want to miss catching up with relatives in Penang and Kedah whom we did not meet for the entire year.  We flew instead of driving up this year to avoid the horrendous jam at the Singapore and Malaysia custom checkpoints which we heard from another parent that they were jammed up to 4 hours for the roadtrip (as usual). 

This year we stayed at Eastin Hotel in Penang which somewhat lacked the homecoming feeling.  It was our second lunar new year without Ah Ma who passed away in 2014.  We used to gather at our Granny("Ah Ma")'s house for 拜年 (Chinese greetings/wishes for good health, prosperity, etc).  Young and old were delighted to see each other whom perhaps, only met once a year. Because Papa has a large family, it almost felt like having a party in the house.  Joy and laughter filled the air.  It was contagious!  We loved it and longing to be part of it.  Things had changed and were never be the same as before since Ah Ma left us.  And yes, we were already missing the gathering.  Indeed, very much.  There's a Chinese saying,  "家有一老,如有一宝" (meaning it's a treasure to have old people at home). It could not be more apt.

Nevertheless, it was a great reunion.  We borrowed YY jie jie's car and went house to house visitation on the first day in Kedah and, then Penang on the second day of the Lunar new year before flying back to Singapore in the afternoon. Papa felt a sense of accomplishment.  However, my boy complained he did not get the chance to play firecrackers.  Hope we could have some time and a right place for him to play. It was not a promise but would try depending on the schedule next year.

We managed to create some new year decorations below.