Friday, December 7, 2012


Playgrounds - this is one of the inexpensive and absolutely free play I love bringing my boy.  We have couple of playgrounds within walking distance from our home but my son particularly fond of the sandplay at Sun Plaza Park, Tampines.  This park, however, is neither near or very far from my house.  By foot, it would take about 20 minutes.  Today, I decided to cycle to the park together with my son and doggie since he is proficient in his two wheels (apart from the scary experience earlier).  Before I set off in the morning, I put Nitro in the shopping bag that was secured on our foldable bike.  I have walked Nitro to the park previously and he was panting heavily due to the heat and distance. In order not to stress my toybreed dog, this would be the first time I gave him a 'lift' to the park on my bike.  And I also reminded my son on traffic rules and directions. 

It was a smooth trip there despite worrying that my furball would fall out of the shopping bag or my son would veer off the route again.  A large group of older kids from a student care center were seen playing but they left shortly after we arrived.  My boy enjoyed himself although he played pretty much on his own.  But later, a boy of his age came to join in the fun.  While my son was busy with his sandplay, I walked my dog before tied him on a bench to cool off. 

A great outdoor fun for both my son and doggie!

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Looking bored being tied up

Building sandcastles


Rope climbing

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A belated birthday present from my 4 years old son

A belated birthday from my son!
School holidays have since started but my son just began his.  So, I will not be preparing his lunchbox for him till next year. 

December is a holiday month and also birthdays month for myself and my Mom coincidentally.  How does your little ones celebrate your birthday?  Mine did a piece of art painting for me after I nagged at him for a few days ;P  Pink, rabbit and my name were his ideas and I helped him with the rest of details.   He associated pink and rabbit are for girls though.  Materials for the art simply include a piece of drawing paper, watercolours, colour paper for the rabbit (white), carrot and grass (orange and green), cotton wool and marker.  I absolutely love it!  It is priceless.  My other half was quiet and probably completely forgotten my birthday :((   We do not celebrate our anniversary and it is hard to accept the reality that he do not want to celebrate birthdays as well! Foul mood, perhaps.  The feel good factor and joy that celebrations bring........I am really missing it!!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thank U note to Teachers, a 3-eye monster

Bento No. 280
My son started playgroup with his current preschool and continued with the same kindergarten till now.  He is now 4 years++.  Fort the past years, I have been shuttling between school and home by buses and trains initially until the preschool shifted to a new premises. Because the new location was nowhere near the MRT station,  I began to drive to/from school.  I love the school because of the lower kid-teacher ratio, great programmes and fantastic outings.  There was this personal touch and warmth back in the old premises at Devonshire. Teachers were caring, responsive and constantly providing me feedback not only on his progress but also behaviour/action that amused them.  I appreciate the effort they took photos during lessons and playtimes and forwarded it to us.  These pictures were precious and definitely keepsakes for us!  Non-teaching staff and aunties - they were great and I even engaged small talks with some at times.  At the new location, Tanglin, it is refreshing with bigger space, brand new furnitures/fittings along with a rooftop garden. However, we decided to change to another kindergarten that is nearer to our home. 

To express my gratitude, I carved a 'Thank U' on the apple wedges (not so clearly visible in the picture above).  And a three-eye monster which I mixed steamed soft pumpkin into the white rice to form the onigiri (my boy's request).  Green peas/nori were used to create the eyes before attaching to the onigiri with angel hair pasta.   At the bottom, he has pork bulgogi that I bought the marinated meat from Cold Storage because I still do not know how to prepare this dish yet.  On the sides, he has steamed pumpkin, green peas and black grapes.

Unfortunately, he came down with fever on Thursday and therefore, unable to bid farewell to all the teachers and classmates on Friday, the last day of school.

Thank you teachers for the guidance and love!

Back in Jan 2010, pre-nursery with his diapers still on

Now Dec 2012 in Nursery 2, a little man