Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Craneberry yogurt chiffon cake

I have a soft spot for cotton, fluffy, spongy cake.  Whenever I have such craving, I will treat myself with the pandan chiffon cake from Bengawan Solo.  But I have never thought of baking one. Last year, whilst I was browsing aimlessly at Phoon Huat shop at Woodlands with my mum, I spotted some 17cm tube pans.  I bought it and started experimenting chiffon cakes since. 

I have attempted pandan chiffon, a tea flavor chiffon using TWG fruity tea leaves (gifted by our niece) and also, matcha powder which my hubby bought it in Tokyo during his business trip.  The recipe I tried used 3 eggs whites without cream of tartar.  And I beat the meringue till soft peak.  All of my chiffon cakes failed to raise resulting a rather dense and short cake. 

This craneberry yogurt chiffon cake, however, rose well and was taller than all the previous chiffon that I had baked although I had accidentally mix in additional egg yorlk (4 instead 3).  Egg whites was beaten to stiff peak as opposed to soft peak in my previous bakes. The inclusion of rice flour seemed to gives the chiffon cake a really nice soft and spongy texture.  I shall be experimenting more with rice flour in the future. 

Receipe adapted from Anncoo Journal's sakura yogurt chiffon cake.

3 egg yolks
25g sugar
40g oil
100g natural yogurt
60g cake flour
20g rice flour
4 egg whites
50g sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
3/4 tsp vanilla essence
60g dried craneberry (chopped to small pieces & coat with flour to prevent sinking to the bottom of the cake)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fuss free bento

A last minute request the night before his bedtime. No elaborate details.  Simply a fuss free bento which I rushed home to prepare after a yoga exercise in the mid-morning.  After that, I hand delivered to him at the designated school gate.

The paper baking cup came in handy which could hold two pan-fried gyoza and a small piece of black peppered salmon fillet.  Other side were just blanched leafy vegetables (cai xin) and carrot flowers.  Soup and udon noodles were packed in the vaccum flask.