Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Animal Snowskin mooncake

Whilst the boy was away P4 camp in August, I signed up a 3D animal snowskin mooncake class at Mold Mart.  I had fun learning to sculpt these cute animals from our instructor, Holyrose with different yummy fillings - red bean, black sesame, lotus paste, custard, mugbean and pineapple paste. It took 4 hours to create these adorable animals.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the class and pretty theraputic that I did not even know the time passed so quickly. 

Practice makes perfect!  Hence, I put my skill to the test by making some for my neighbour for the Mooncake/Lantern Festival which fell on 24 September 2018. Since my neighbour loves Hello Kitty, I attempted one especially for her. I also made a jade (moon) rabbit which was part of the Mid-Autumn festival legend. All five in two hours! Phew! To achieve the super cute look, it was important to place the eyes close to each other with the exception of Hello Kitty.  I was satisfied with my masterpiece, but certainly, have room for improvement :))

Traditional snowskin mooncake usually made by using the mooncake mould.  I purchased mine from Phoon Huat which come in 'shocking pink' colour (no idea why) as shown below.  My boy concluded the first pair of jade rabbit apparently looked like mouse.  Since Papa does not eat mooncake or pomelo, these petite size snowskin mooncakes are just nice for both of us.