Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Snowman

Today is the last day of school for my boy.  Hurray! I made a Snowman onigiri for this Christmas season. It's quite a large lunchbox.  Hope he can finish it.  Otherwise, he will tell me "it's too much"!

He has stir-fried green pea, carrot, pork loin and egg tofu along with his favourite fruit, strawberries.  I will not be making bento untill school re-opens in Jan.  Merry Christmas to all my friends and have fun! :D

Bento No. 21

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sushi Bento and a Sheep Bento

Bento No. 19
More sushi !  Every week, I will prepare sushi for my boy's lunch for a change of the normal onigiri bento. Because he loves sushi! This time, I tweaked the receipe by  Instead of the bread and egg mayo.  I made baked salmon sushi accompanied with marinated japanese cucumber and carrot.  Very flavourful compares to the normal sushi I made for him.  I throw in two strawberries and cute animal foodpicks. 

Benton No. 20

Yesterday, I was thinking of making a monkey bento for him.  Ended up, a sheep. Haha, the whole bento was in disarray! Never mind, I will do it better next time ;P

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chicken little

Since my son loves egg so much, I made another chicken bento with boiled egg.  First attempt, I cut the wrong side of the egg and realise it did not reveal the egg yolk.  So I turn around and manage to do it again.  It's cracking with joy and oblivious of the dinosar behind the background.  (My own amusement!).  My son has wholemeal pasta spirals and macaroni together with edamame.  Not forgetting his favourite pasta sauce - tomatoes!

Bento No. 18

Monday, November 22, 2010


I guess most boys like toy cars but for my son is a bit different.  He loves animals and likes to mimick the sound.  He learns to make all kinds of animal sound before he starts to utter a word. Among which, his favourite is tiger.  Again, this is his favourite dish too - steamed egg with minced meat! I cut out the shape of the animal as well as using seaweed for the facial.  He also has two cherry tomatoes looking like turnips, broccolli and california plum.  I'm quite happy with my handicraft and think that I have improved a little...^@^

Bento No. 17


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farmyard and Safari animals

Bento No. 15

Knowing my son does not like plain rice, I made three riceballs flavoured with seaweed pork floss I bought from NTUC recently.  Each riceballs are inserted with 'Safari' animals foodpicks. Accompanied with are stir-fried sugar beans with carrots and prawns.

Bento No. 16

The next day, I chose 'Farmyard' animals for his western style lunch.  He has baked potato wedges, beans, breaded chicken breast and broccolli.  Yeah, no rice this time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fried Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Bento No. 14
I made some sandwich for my son's lunchbox.  His favourites are egg and cheese.  So I put these two ingredients in the sandwich together with sliced tomatoes.  The triangular shape sandwich appears like a mountain and a little tiger cub peeping over it.  Hehe, just another of my imagination!

Monday, November 15, 2010


After holidaying in Malaysia, I'm back and blog again. This is the only time I can unwind (minus housework). The little fellow (my son) loves every bit of it with all the uncles, aunties, 'jie jie' and 'go go' around (very entertaining).  He had lots of lots of papaya which grows in the garden and it is so so sweet that he is literally having it in every meals.

Back to his lunchbox today, I have cleared most of  the vegetables and meat in the refridgerator prior to the trip. So I made a simple bento using white rice as a base for a clock face, along with edamame and crab meat.  He also have some pan-fried chicken breast.  Cutting the numbers with free hand is not an easy task as you can see from the picture.  Poor workmanship!  As usual, my son did not fancy white rice and only finish half of the portion.

Bento No. 13

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby Dino juggling on a red ball

Bento No. 12

My son requested a dinosaur bento today.  Wow, I never thought he would ask something like that! For better idea, I asked him for a dinosaur toy and cut the shape out from an omelette. The outcome is a smiling baby Stegosaurus juggling on a red ball.  I imagine the black grapes are the triangular plates along its back.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brown Bear

My creativity juice will start to flow when I see what are the ingredients available for me.  Like this brown bear, it never occur to me that I can shape the meat patty before pan fried it. Until, I'm actually seasoning the meat that I realise I can create the shape of a bear!  Here it is sitting on a bed of mixed pasta; macaroni and spirals.  And, I garnished with some carrots flowers, edamame and crab stick.  Along with the bento is my son's favourite tomato sauce. 

Bento No. 11

Monday, November 1, 2010


I made my son's favourite Elmo using cherry tomato.  To my disappointment, he did not eat the tomato.  Of late, I begin to notice he starts to reject cherry tomato.  Thinking this may tempt him to try a bite but was futile. Perhaps, I shall stop include tomato in his bento box temporarily. 

It takes me more time (than usual) puting his eyes, nose and mouth onto the tiny tomato.  Especially his nose keeps falling off. 

His preschool has moved to a new and bigger premises today. He got a new lunch box I bought from Daiso to mark the occasion! Beside the Elmo, he has spinach in fried egg, char siew onigiri and black grapes.

Bento No. 10

Friday, October 29, 2010

Inside-Out California Roll

I just love making sushi and this is my favourite one with crab stick and avocado.  I have not been able to sucessfully put the edamame nicely onto the food pick without breaking it (like I did for the black grapes).  That's more for me to learn about bento-ing!

Bento No. 9

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bumble Bee

These bumble bees look more like fish to me without the food picks.  I inserted the bunny food picks into the tamagoyaki only showing its ears. It suppose to be the bumble bees' wings.  Guess, they need a bigger wings! I fill the bento with some carrots, brocolli, cheery tomatoes, black seedles grapes and a salmon onigiri.   

Bento No. 8

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juz Sushi!

Bento No. 7
This week, I'm getting lazy and my boy is not feeling well due to running nose and cough. I made a simple sushi lunch with baked salmon and cucumber. My boy love sushi!

Cat or Rabbit?

Haha, this was created out of my imagination.  And my boy cannot decide whether it is a cat or a bunny.  I wanted to make the little red fox, Eddy from the cartoon series named "Pororo the Little Penguin".  Well, I definitely have to work a lot harder though.

Bento No. 6

Little Piglet

Finally, I can post in my blog.  I felt so helpless when the application is faulty.

Bento No. 5
This is the little piglet I made with hard-boiled egg last week. I immersed the hard-boiled egg in the beetroot soup which yield a not-so pinky color but orange beige.  Before the preparation, I thought it would turn out pink but on the contrary, it does not. To make the bento has a feel of 'spring', I added some carrots in the shape of flower and edamame for its lime green color. At the bottom is a mix of macaronic and wholemeal spiral pasta.  Yum, my boy finished his lunchbox indeed!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smiling Panda and Purple Elephant

Bento No. 3

Bento No. 4
 I used purple sweet potato to create the lilac colour of the elephant.  An idea inspired by Kids Dream, Your Dream.  To make the Smiling Panda, I mimicked the the fruit pick I bought from Daiso.  Not too bad and the teachers at my son's school complimented his bento.  Cute! 

My first experience with bento box

Bento No. 1

Bento No. 2
This is my first experience making bento lunch box.  I'm still an amateur and hopefully, I can create more beautiful and cute ones with intricate design.