Monday, March 24, 2014

Ninja Turtle

# 330

Influenced by Papa, my son's latest lego toy is everything about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  And his birthday is approaching and the theme he has chosen is of course Ninja Turtle! Originally, we planned to celebrate my son's 6th birthday at the LEGOLAND Hotel, Johor Malaysia.  But there has been a lots of happenings at home.  First, my son came down with fever.  Then, our doggie became blind overnight suddenly and was also diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Mummy was also not in good shape - neck and shoulder pain due to muscle spasm according to the Doctor.  The sharp pain was akin to birth contraction which sent tears rolling down my cheeks on the onset.  So now, I have to abstain from carrying heavy things and less housework.  As a result, we decided to shelve the birthday plans at LEGOLAND hotel.  Instead, we will bring him to the Night Safari in Singapore which he has long wanted to go but have never been materialised.  Perhaps, bake a chocolate cake with Ninja Turtle theme hopefully.

Today packed lunch was a Ninja turtle rice ball (onigiri flavoured with teriyaki sauce) with a strip of Japanese cucumber as the eye wrap.  On the sides were teriyaki chicken, strawberries, edamame and Japanese cucumber.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Banana man

# 329
I hope this banana man will crack you up a little.  It was a simple and healthy snack box I prepared for my son. 
These are some of his favourite lunches; Japanese egg salad sandwiches which receipe can be found here and penne pasta in creamy cheese sauce topped with roasted chicken drumstick meat and Japanese fish roe.
What is your kid's favourite food?
Have a nice weekend ahead!