Monday, November 15, 2010


After holidaying in Malaysia, I'm back and blog again. This is the only time I can unwind (minus housework). The little fellow (my son) loves every bit of it with all the uncles, aunties, 'jie jie' and 'go go' around (very entertaining).  He had lots of lots of papaya which grows in the garden and it is so so sweet that he is literally having it in every meals.

Back to his lunchbox today, I have cleared most of  the vegetables and meat in the refridgerator prior to the trip. So I made a simple bento using white rice as a base for a clock face, along with edamame and crab meat.  He also have some pan-fried chicken breast.  Cutting the numbers with free hand is not an easy task as you can see from the picture.  Poor workmanship!  As usual, my son did not fancy white rice and only finish half of the portion.

Bento No. 13

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