Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter hare & Teriyaki chicken sushi roll

Food art # 331

Father, son, mother (from the left)
Easter is just around the corner.  Although we do not celebrate it, I made an attempt to mark the occasion by doing some egg-cellent craft together.  We did egg painting last year with my help.  This year, he drew our family of three with black marker and I placed each egg on the milk bottle caps that I have collected.  Ahem, I must admit there were no pretty faces on the eggs.  And he wanted to make it a special one for himself with eye wrap like the ninja turtle.  Can you tell?

Harping on the topic, I took the opportunity to ask him if I could create an Easter bunny for his lunch.  An affirmative yes from my son!  Yippee!! But it has to be a 'hare' not 'rabbit' and must be brown and not white.  He was almost right - hare has black markings and longer/larger ears/feets/legs than rabbit.

Using a hard-boiled egg, the Easter hare was dyed with light soya sauce first. Next, pink ham for its large long ears and feets.  Facial with seaweed, whiskers were spaghetti and lastly, some ketchup on its cheek. (The egg shell did not peel off nicely and hence, the uneven surface.)  On a mini food tray from one of my bento box, I placed a boiled lotus root, two green grapes, a cherry tomato, some blanched broccoli and a flower carrot.

Yesterday, I prepared teriyaki chicken sushi roll, packed with blanched broccoli, cherry tomato and green grapes for him to bring to school.  Not forgetting to throw in a few foodpicks and luckily, the little fellow did not complain.

Bento # 332

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