Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Pop up card for Teacher's Day - Flower Garden Theme

5th September was Teachers' Day and all schools including those in Child Care Center were given a day off.  Inspired by his cousin, Christine Jie Jie, who handmade beautiful and gorgeous 3D greeting cards like this birthday card we received from her! We decided to try making a pop up card for Teacher's Day.  We browsed a few videos in the internet to give my boy an idea of different designs and how to create it.  Since it was our first attempt, we agreed to settle for a flower garden theme which I think should be quite manageable for my 6 years old.  The challenging part for my son was to cut out the shapes of circles, flowers, leaves, grass...etc.  He was not keen and admitted that he was really poor in cutting skill.  Indeed, his teachers had also highlighted to me during the parent meeting session that we could improve his fine motor skills through playdough, paper cutting, handball..etc.  To motivate him and make it easy for my boy, I did the cover of the cards but he wrote the messages above.  And I also help in cutting out the flowers, some tiny circles and heart shapes and touching up some fine details.

After finished two pop up cards, he has already lost interest no matter how I encouraged him.  I lost my cool too. Well, he did not give up.  My boy eventually completed the third card for all his three teachers; Ms Josie (English teacher), Yang Laoshi and Huang Laoshi (Chinese teachers). We spent three afternoons for each card. I was so proud of my boy for his perseverance.

Check out the links for pop up card tutorials:-

For Yang Laoshi, Chinese Teacher

For Ms Josie, English Teacher

For Huang Laoshi, Chinese Teacher

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