Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A happy Jack O' Lantern

Bento # 342
Halloween hits the shopping mall this year and seems to be quite appealing to young children in our neighbourhood.  There were some pop up stalls and the decorations were not so creepy.  Even the mascots; a witch and a bat were so cute!  The shopping mall also provide free pop corn and candy floss as well as kids friendly activity like face painting.  My boy was ecstatic when he knew that there would be blue candy floss. Whilst he enjoyed every bits of the candy floss,  he cheekily asked if his teeth turned blue too ;P 

Above bento, I made a Jack O' Lantern using a tiny mandarin orange gifted by my mum.  And added some facial details with seaweed and plonked a party hat foodpick on top of it.  On the left side were two cherry tomatoes eyes (made of cheese and nori). His main was teriyaki chicken sushi roll with tamagoyaki.  Happy Halloween!

How was your last weekend?  Last Sunday was such a beautiful sunny day! I could not stand my son idling and/or watching TV since we have been stuck at home for the last two weekends.   I just need to get outside and get into nature (sounds like the Dinosaur Train TV show)!  We decided to cycle to Sun Plaza for sand play and then to Pasir Risk park via the park connector together with Nitro.  It was quite hot in the late afternoon and Nitro was panting heavily although he did not walk much since I was his chauffeur. A jogger was quite amused and commented that "Your dog is so comfortable." Nitro was obedient and quietly sat inside the shopping bag as I pedalled which gave me a peace of mind to enjoy the sight and breeze.  Along the way, we spotted a couple of Egrets. My poor sense of directions actually got us lost going back home.  But I managed to find the correct way later (since Papa, my compass, did not come along this time).  My little man complained that I should heed his 'advice'.   Well, perhaps I should.  It was a good exercise indeed, he said.  Except I reprimanded him for not following the traffic rules because he cycled across a traffic light junction when it was still in red.  He explained that there was no car turning towards his direction.   This young man is too over-confidence.  Nevertheless, we were happy to cycle despite we were all smelly and tired.

Cycling with Nitro

Egret perched on the branch

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