Friday, May 15, 2015


After battling the running/congested nose for 40 days, my boy has finally healed.  No more running nose and blocked at night.  It was the longest recuperating period he ever had for sinusitis.  As we would be travelling to Japan during the June school holidays, we wanted him to enjoy the vacation and the flight. So, we re-visited the doctor on the 2 May 2015 seeking for speedy recovery.  He was prescribed with Nasonex nasal spray and Zyrtec for his allergies.   He took 4 sprays of nasonex each morning and stopped thereafter because he said he felt that his nose was not as congested as before. Had we not planned the trip to Japan, I would be reluctant to give the steroid spray and opted for the continuation of gluten free diet, a more natural healing path.  I did see gradual mucus reducing daily which was not as fast relief as the nasonex spray and Zyrtec.  In the interim, I also added more than usual the amount of ginger, onion and garlic in his meal planning as well as changed cow milk to goat milk. However, cutting off egg noodles, biscuits, bread, cakes and ice cream totally has a slimming effect.  He lost 1 kg within one month!  Since he was more chubby and therefore, no harm losing a bit of fat.  In fact, he was pleased that he has a flatter tummy because he got upset when his classmates told him that he was fat. 

As a Mommy, what a relief!  For the next few weeks before flying to Japan, he would eat normally.  Slowly, I would introduce bread, biscuits, cakes and ice cream back into his diet in small portion. 
I have fun making this Sumo wrestler onigiri which I fried plenty of garlic with leftover cooked short grain rice.  Then, flaked the baked salmon (with Sicilian style seasoning), mixed it together and shaped into triangle.  Cut seaweed for the rest. But the cut seaweed 'fundoshi'  (Japanese undergarment) did not look quite right here ;P  It should be a 'T' shape instead of 'I' shape.  Arghh!!!

Another simple bento with pan fried tofu chicken patties in teriyaki sauce, tamagoyaki, a cherry tomato and edamame.  Sprinkled some wasabi furikake on the rice.

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