Thursday, August 13, 2015

50th National Day Singapore

We were at the Merlion Park to catch the aerial display and fireworks during the National Day Parade (NDP) NE (Nation Education) Show on 25 July 2015.  We were glad that we made a trip down to Merlion Park for the little man. To bring my boy to watch the NDP was something close to my heart especially this year marks our Nation's 50th birthday.  Unfortunately, we were not successful in balloting the NDP tickets.   We stood and waited patiently at the end of the Jubilee bridge at Merlion Park. A pity we missed the Red Lions.  Nevertheless, the Black Knights were awesome!  We soaked up the atmosphere as we watched the Black Knights thundered past with their stunts.

The night ended with electrifying fireworks right in front of us.  It was an unforgettable and memorable day.

We love Singapore! 

P.S. It was a late and short post though. But I seriously need to write here because firstly, it was Singapore's 50th Birthday, the Jubilee year.  Secondly, it was rare opportunity that Papa agreed to bring us to watch it without complaining the heat and crowd.  Thirdly, I would not be able to out live another 50 years for the next 100th National Day.

LKY 5 Star Salute

State Flag flypast
Salute to our Nation

Black Knights salute to the Nation

Black Knights Criss Cross formation

Left: Lego cable car, Singapore flag,
a lion and an origami sampan craft made by my boy
as part of Nation Education in his school

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