Thursday, September 17, 2015

Glow in the dark stickers for his room

There is a tiny window high up at the corner of my little fellow's bedroom that does not brighten up his room much during the day.  We once used to have lourve window glass until we re-fitted with a top hung window.  And my boy would put some of his lego toys and minfigures on the window ledge for decoration purpose.  A good idea but eventually, these things collected dust and dirt over times.  Since the window is located directly on top of is double bunk bed, it is quite glaring at night from the street lights outside.  My son is not bothered with the glare.  In fact, he is more comfortable with a little dim light rather than total darkness.

One of our guest, Christine jie jie, who visited us from Malaysia previously, mentioned that it was too bright up there.  I though, using vanguard sheets and glow in the dark stickers might well do the trick. And I can kill two birds with one stone by blocking off the glare and yet, funky enough to remove his fear of darkness. We did it during the school holiday in September.

Materials needed:-
  • Black vanguard sheet to create a frame
  • Dark blue vanguard sheet for the space
  • Different glow in the dark stickers (I bought from UrbanWrite bookstore)
  • Blu tack to stick

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