Friday, January 8, 2016

Healthy bento at the beginning of year

For a long time, I have not prepared any bento(s) for my boy due to the December school holiday break and also, he requested less bento(s) because he wanted to buy food from the canteen.  These were the first bentos of the year!  We had it for our lunch at home and I got my share too. I felt so good eating a healthy meal at the beginning of the year.  But once a while, I would love to have a plate of sinful char kway teow, chicken rice or other hawker food here. ;P 
  • Fried tau kwa (firm tofu)
  • Tomato slice
  • Boiled broccoli
  • Steamed kabocha with mirin and soy sauce (Japanese pumpkin)
  • Steamed chicken drumstick with grated ginger, salt and sesame oil (tear into small pieces)
  • Brown rice


First week of Primary 2 was not that exciting for my son.  In his primary school, the teachers and classmates remained the same for the first 2 years.  When he progressed to Primary 3, there would be streaming and change of classes according to his academic results then. Everything was a familiar sight and lesson has not fully started.  The time table of the lesson would only be ready by next week.  I asked about his day in school.  "What did you do since there is no lesson?"  He said "Nothing, just talking, talking and talking." in a boring tone.

How was your child doing in the first week of school?

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