Sunday, March 20, 2016

Battleship playground at Sembawang Park

We have reached the tail-end of school holidays and my boy began lamenting that it was too soon to be over.  We were so pre-occupied for the first time during the one week school break. 
  • Sunday - Stayover at Granny's house
  • Monday - Breakfast at Burger king and played at Battleship playground, Sembawang Park
  • Tuesday - Lunch at Ikea and marketing at Giant Supermarket
  • Wednesday - A visit from Granny and brought her to Guat Hoon Vegetarian Temple at Jalan Senang where we found Grandpa's (ancestral) tablet
  • Thursday - Papa and son had many games of Animal Kaizer (百獸大戰) - at Timezone, City Square shopping mall
  • Friday - A field trip to Bollywood Veggies farm organised by the Parent Support Group from his primary school
Actually, I also planned to bring my boy to meet his pen pal from Switzerland whom has just relocated to Singapore for couple of years.  Squeezing into the schedule would be a mad rush and too tiring for both of us. Therefore, I shelved it for the next school holiday. 
The battleship playground has been in our "to-play" list and I have postponed many times purely because I was too lazy to travel from the east where we stayed to the far north of the little red dot.  In order not to disappoint the big boy again, we started our March holidays in the northern part of Singapore.  A stayover at Grandma's house on Sunday night.  Then, a breakfast treat at Burger King together with an old friend/neighbour and her kid/nephew at Sembawang Shopping Center the next morning.  Followed by free play at Sembawang park where the boys had a blast at the battleship playground. The sun was not forgiving.  And they had to forgo the idea of sliding down the slides because it was too hot.  But that did not stop them from playing.  The playground was huge and great workout for these rascals. Plenty of space to run and climb.  Just to be mindful that children need to stay low on top of the battleship as his friend, Xian Xian, accidentally bumped his head against the structure.   And some parts proved to be a challenge for the boys.  The kids dug an unbelievable deep hole in the sandpit where they buried a plastic toy dolphin in the hope to retrieve it on the next visit.  I was amused and felt like a scene in the Chinese drama television show.  
It was a beautiful day and great outing.  However, the sight of oil rig nearby marred the sea view.  We left the place close to noon.  I love SG playgrounds.  How about you? 


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