Thursday, December 6, 2012

A belated birthday present from my 4 years old son

A belated birthday from my son!
School holidays have since started but my son just began his.  So, I will not be preparing his lunchbox for him till next year. 

December is a holiday month and also birthdays month for myself and my Mom coincidentally.  How does your little ones celebrate your birthday?  Mine did a piece of art painting for me after I nagged at him for a few days ;P  Pink, rabbit and my name were his ideas and I helped him with the rest of details.   He associated pink and rabbit are for girls though.  Materials for the art simply include a piece of drawing paper, watercolours, colour paper for the rabbit (white), carrot and grass (orange and green), cotton wool and marker.  I absolutely love it!  It is priceless.  My other half was quiet and probably completely forgotten my birthday :((   We do not celebrate our anniversary and it is hard to accept the reality that he do not want to celebrate birthdays as well! Foul mood, perhaps.  The feel good factor and joy that celebrations bring........I am really missing it!!



Willyn said...

Thoughtful Son :-)
I'm just wondering..what's the story behind the rabbit?..hehe..can't just connect with the message..
A birthday present like that is indeed priceless!

Dragonfly said...

Oh, story? Haha, its a family of 4; Papa, Mama, gor gor & himself. Thanks for visiting my blog:-)