Monday, May 12, 2014

Miffy's boyfriend, Sweet Mother's day

Bento # 335
I wanted to make Mother's day theme bento quietly without his (my boy's) knowledge.  However, my dear son enthusiastically asked me to create a bunny bento instead.  Unusual request - that was what I thought!  Because as far as I knew, he was not keen in cute bento.  I gladly obliged him and created Miffy's boyfriend made of yellow cheese/nori.  Yeah, it must be a boy not girl.  I really tempted to put a red ribbon foodpick on it instead :P  Well, I did not obviously.  In the box, he has white rice mixed with baked salmon flakes, seaweed and corn kernels.  Top with carrot flowers and Japanese cucumber leaves.  Some strawberries and blueberries to go in his lunch.

Bet everyone has a fabulous Mother's day celebration yesterday.  We did the usual casual dining at Ichiban restaurant for lunch which I ate the whole dragon roll all by myself.  I like the creamy avocado and fried tiger prawn but hardly order the dragon sushi roll since it was quite pricey (to us at  $14.90). And later that evening, we had Chinese food at Soup restaurant which we were pleasantly surprised that the day's menu only limited Mother's day set meals, nothing else.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the dinner.

Prior to that, I made strawberry tarts since I have plenty of organic oats left in the cupboard which were due to expire next month.  And the boys were not fond of oatmeal too.  Cracking my head on what I should do with these roll oats.  I ended up with these yummy strawberry tarts. 

Receipe for tart base
125g butter
50g brown sugar
75g plain flour
140g rolled oats

For Crème Pâtissière, I followed and adapted the receipe from The Little Teochew here.

I also received a jewellery box and the cards he made in the school.  Love it all.   It was interesting how my son described what he drew on the card and just have to quickly pen down before I forgot. Quoted by my 6 years old little man:

"Mummy is the tree
with flowers and love and,
attracts butterflies, bees and stickbugs"

Jewellery box made of ice cream sticks

Balloon print design card

A Japanese red stork
Computer generated
Tux paint

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