Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Bayleef Pokemon Birthday Party

The boy turned 9 years two weeks ago. He is taller and bigger each year. And heavier too! (on the chubby side).  As a Primary 3 student, he has lots more homework to cope with.  Initially, he was stressed over Chinese spelling in Term 1 but has since overcome it.  Now, he is working hard to hone his composition writing skills, both in English and Chinese. His effort did pay off and I have seen improvement in his composition writing.  He hardly have time to play on weekdays due to the fact that he can take up hours to complete his daily homework (a slow writer, his grandma can attest to it) and additional badminton training.  As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  I decided to declare one Friday 'free of homework' to celebrate his birthday with his schoolmates after school. 

Pokemon is his favourite cartoon character since the hype over Pokemon Go game which has taken the world by storm last year.  His interest remains strong till now.  And he has also been drawing the pokemon characters during his free time and sharing his masterpieces with his classmates.  Needless to say,  his mini birthday party, is all about Pokemon.  And he chose Bayleef - a grass pokemon species, for his special day.

I found a great site where I printed the Pokeball birthday banner and also the bayleef pokemon iwhich I made for the caketopper as well as for the decorations. Also, I splurged a bit more than last year on a few helium balloons.  Since last year, I have delegated the tasks of the planning of goodie bags and party games to the boy.  And it would continue as long as he liked it.   He used his savings and bought a capsule balls that contained a pokemon from a provision shop.  Packed in a brown bag together with some biscuits.  Wrote a thank you note and drew some of his favourite pokemons on colourful post-it paper which he pasted on the goodie bag.   Papa bought him a large Tri-strike nerf gun for his birthday present at his request.  Naturally, the party game, of course, none other than nerf gun shooting game.  The boys has a blast with Papa who made it in time home to celebrate their birthdays together.  (Father's birthday was one day later).

Pokeball birthday banner

Bayleef pokemon
cake topper

Some plastic cups to shoot!
Goodie bags on each side

We had an eggless mango cake which I purchased from Emicakes shop.  Why eggless?  He was told that one of his classmate, Mun Xun's little brother is allegic to eggs and walnuts.  Hence, he decided to forgo his standard chocolate cake and opt for an eggless one.  I was heartened that he has such a big heart at this tender age. 

I was also grateful to his best friend, Shawn's mummy, who baked these lovely chocolate cupcake for his birthday.  He was truly blessed!

A family photo

His cousin, Christine jie jie, flew down from Malaysia to celebrate his birthday.  This made his day even more memorable one.  My boy wished for dreamcatcher because he told me that it would trap bad dreams.  I have constantly ignored his request.  Prior to his birthday, I mentioned to Christine casually if she could fulfill his wish.  To my surprise, she took my words seriously and learnt how to handcraft a dreamcatcher for my boy.  I was touched and amazed at the intricate design of her creation.  Hanging pretty on top of his bed frame (a bunk bed), both had a wonderful time chatting the night away during her short stay in our house. 

That weekend was well spent with dining, shopping and a trip down to River Safari.  Due to time constraint, my son was not able to go for 'Beaver Encounter' which I originally planned.  He was crestfallen but his mood changed quickly when he was on a boat ride at the Amazon River Quest. Beaming with joy, he was enthralled to see many animal in the evening and excited at the gentle splash along the ride.  We enjoyed ourseleves tremendously. 

Papa's favourite Chinese food

Panda Kai Kai
"It was the best party ever!" he concluded as we walked home from school the other day.  I was thankful for the children and parents who came to celebrate his birthday. 

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Wenni Donna said...

Bayleef Pokemon Birthday Party looks so adorable. All of these pictures came out to be so gorgeous. I am always really bad at getting photos especially when there are any events. I too have been using the DIY ideas for my twin’s angry birds themed party at a local event venue and would like to hire a photographer for covering the party.