Thursday, April 27, 2017


This was one of the prettiest peacock I ever made. It has become more difficult to prepare a karaben nowadays due to lesser or no bento made for the boy at all. However, I had the opportunity to do so for the month of April because my boy was selected to attend 5 lessons of Science Olympiad after school hours.  He requested me to bring lunch for him.  And I did for the past weeks.  But I realized my bento-ing skill has become rusty and was not able to create a presentable one. As usual, I asked him what would he like to eat for his lunch the night before.   Then I kept on suggesting some of his favourite food which came to my mind until my boy stopped me.  Unexpectedly, his reply was "Don't tell me, I like surprises!"  Feeling motivated and encouraged, I was in such a high spirit making his bento that my creation simply at its best.  The peacock is made of thinly sliced (Chinese) flat fish cake, patterned nori/corn kernels with a drop of ketchup (for its feather), carrot (for its beak)  and tiny broccoli floret (for its crown). 

In his lunchbox, he has :-

Fried mee hoon with cabbage, carrot and fishcake
Pan-fried gyoza (homemade)
Boiled broccoli

A happy belly, a happy boy!

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