Thursday, August 29, 2013

Breakfast for lunch, homemade playdough

Breakfast for lunch

My boy has previously asked me if I could prepare cornflakes for his lunch.  And I turned him down mainly because it's not a 'proper' lunch I felt personally.  I made an exception today.  On his plate, he has car shape walnut bread which I spread some nutella to create the wheels and an elephant foodpick popping out from the window (made of cheese). Scattered some cornflakes to form the gravel road.  On the side was avocado milkshake. Not his usual kind of lunch but he simply loves it!!
We had a house visit from his form teacher, Fu Lao Shi, in June earlier.  She advised us to let him play dough to improve his fine motor skills.  Hence, we made our own play dough together one day.  Both of us had a lots of fun kneading and punching the dough in the kitchen. The dough, however, was a little soft and grainy in texture.


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