Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Bento No. 326
Chinese new year spring cleaning is very important to family traditionally and to some, the latter would do a thorough cleaning for instance giving the house a new paint like my neighbour who did it every year or, cleaning the refrigerator/cabinets.  And the cleaning companies always fully booked during this period of time.  Good business for them you bet!  I have no helper and I have never hired these cleaning companies (Oh how I wish so!).  Therefore, I usually do extra cleaning possibly the fridge and some parts of the cabinet.  This year, my back hurts a little since a fall in the bathroom when I bathed my son last year.  And I'm going to go slow and not too ambition to have everything in our house sparkling cleaned. 

My boy has soba and dumplings for lunch at home today.  And I made a mop with soba/seaweed and a pokey stick.  Besides it, was a dustpan  (cut from cucumber) filled with dirt (there were vegetarian pork floss with some sesame seeds).  Red cherry tomatoes symbolised spring.

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