Friday, January 3, 2014

Horse 'Hee Haw!'

Bento No. 325
Hee haw!  Time flies.  A new year and brand new beginning.   It's also the first day of the school for many parents in Singapore.  So is my son!  He has progressed to Kindergarten Level Two and assigned to a new class with a mix of old and new friends. And met his new teachers, Ms Josie and Yang Laoshi.  It's warm and nice to be back to school again.  Especially when the school's cook, Ms Jealous (ahem, I'm not sure about the name but that's how my boy addressed her)  welcome my boy with open arms and hug.  How's your kid fair on the first day of school?

It's also the year of the horse according to the Chinese Zodiac.   Hence, I made a horse onigiri flavoured with teriyaki sauce. I cut and decorated the details using seaweed.  In the box, he has cherry tomatoes, blanched broccoli, teriyaki chicken and yellow kiwi from Italy.

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