Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bald eagle paper bag puppet

Time flies!  My boy is going to be 6 years old this year.  It will also be the last chance that we can do art and craft together.  Once he starts his formal education - Primary One next year, he will be too busy with his homework and I think he will not be interested anymore for a boy. 

Out of the blue, he asked me to make a bald eagle craft.  And I found it here using brown paper bag.  Hence, I used 'DLTK's craft for kids' as a guidance and made our own bald eagle.  Before we commenced, I turned to National Geography for kids for some vital interesting facts and pictures about bald eagle as part of home learning.  And to train his fine motor skills, I got him to cut it out after I had drawn the outline of each parts of the body.  He glued all the parts together which he did 90%.  The other 10% was that I checked and re-glued where it was not properly stick together.

Here we have our black and white bald eagle paper bag puppet ready to fly! But Papa said it looks like a chicken :O

Material for the bald eagle craft:-

  • Paper bag
  • Black and white colour paper (body, face and tail)
  • Yellow colour paper (claws)
  • Orange colour paper (beak)
  • Black marker
  • White chalk (to draw the patterns on its wing)
  • Large wiggling eyes

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