Friday, February 28, 2014


# 328
As you can see, I have not been making any bento(s).  The little man has outgrown the cute cute lunch box I prepared previously.  However, I'm still very much inspired by fellow bento mum/blogger.  So I decided to make for myself instead.  My first karaben!!   Pluto was made of pumpkin mash and its face was cut out from crabstick and seaweed. In the box, I have cold soba (dipping sauce separated), blanched cauliflower/green pea, dumplings, mandarin oranges.  I'm still not used to eating cold food....haha... 

I have a dog at home too.  Nitro is his name and going 7 years old this October.   A shih tzu breed yet, an active one. He loves his food to the extent that I could only describe him - tamchiak! (hokkien for greedy for food).  He will patiently wait for his turn when he saw me cutting fruits for the family or when we had it in our mouth munching away.  Yes, our dinner place is his favourite place.  He might get lucky to pick up some crumbs when my son accidentally dropped his food at times.  Nitro, unlike some dogs, does not chew my shoes or cabinets. Sharing some of the characteristic of my dear Nitro here.

Things Nitro does for fun (or probably out of frustration) that I find it peculiar
Fiddle with small insects till dead
Shred tissue paper
Scratch the wall (resembles a dog digging on the ground)
Lick and eat the hairs off the floor
Chew his paws
Pee on my son's bed/mattress (out of jealousy)

Things Nitro fears
Lightning and thunder!  First he will sniff, then shiver/tremble and last, look for place to hide.  It's annoying during the raining season.  We could not get a good night sleep and always rudely awakened by his incessant scratching at our bedroom doors (note - we do not sleep with our dog).  He will also pee and poo in front of our doors.

And recently, he is scared by the sound came from our brand new water heater which is powered by gas.

Things Nitro loves and enjoys
Squeaky toys
Balls (we kept my boy's football away from Nitro)
Tug of war with toys or my old t-shirt
Food - boiled meat, fruits, treats, bread
Walk in the park

Things Nitro dislikes
Bathe time
Hair drying with a blower

One of his sleeping position with one paw covering one of his ear. Nitro is a good companion and adorable like a baby at times.  However, he is a alpha male!


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