Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Superhero - Puppet Iron Man made from cereal box

To cheer up my son who was recuperating from his fever last week, I made this Iron Man from cereal box with reference from the following sites:
Looking at the sketches, it was very daunting to work on the details.  I started with the mask and followed the step by step instructions closely.  Remarkably, the tutorial No. 1 above made it easy to draw.  However, I improvised a simple version for his body and limbs. Painted with yellow and red paints with the help of my boy who did a few pieces (thereafter went for a nap due to drowsiness caused by the medication).  Finish with outline in black marker. For the glow, I used aluminium foil.  Finally, Papa assisted by stapling the joints to allow movements of the limbs. 
Materials used :-
  • A large cereal box
  • Aluminium foil
  • Black marker
  • Red and yellow paint
  • Staples
Hi, How do I look?

I'm stronger

Don't mess with me

Staple between the joints to allow movement

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