Friday, February 21, 2014

Unique horse craft

Fever is a very common childhood illness that every parents has a fair share of experience.  When my boy was down with fever, we will bring him to see the doctor.  Many a times, we came home with a bag full of medicine, including antibiotics sometimes.  I decided to allow my son's body to fight the fever last year thinking he's older now.   And he did healed and recovered pretty well in a few cases without medication.  Just by drinking plenty of water and letting him rested and slept as much as possible.  It was a difficult decision at first despite I had read a lot of articles about fever.  It is also harder to convince the old folks that it is not serious and alright to let the child fight the virus.

This time my boy's fever soared to 39.7 degrees on the second night which I felt it was a high grade fever that warrant a visit to the doctor.  Yet Papa did not agee and still insisted to continue sponge him was good enough. In the end, we consulted the doctor for fear the temperature would continue to rise and the diagnosis was upper respiratory infection. My boy was prescribed with medicine for his congested nose/dry cough and fever as well as antibiotics.  It's the fourth day now; stuffy/blocked nose and loss of appetite.  During the period, my son was still able to do things sensibly, play on his own and fairly alert.  He even could laugh and joke about the latest lego movie we watched in Malaysia.  On top of which, he sang "Everything is awesome" to our amusement.  Was he seriously ill?  Would he be able recuperate have he not gone to see a doctor despite a high fever?   At that point in time, I only have one thought in my mind i.e. better to be safe than sorry. 

On the lighter note, we made this horse craft together to kill his boredom at home.

  • A kitchen towel toilet roll (body)
  • Blue felt (mouth, face and ears)
  • Light yellow crepe paper (crest)
  • Wiggling eyes
  • Buttons for the nostril
  • Dark blue ribbon (Harness)
  • Ice cream sticks (neck and legs)
  • Different colours of threads (tail)
  • Green and black colour papers (saddles)
  • Tapes and glues
  • Needle and threads

And unexpectedly, he drew a 'Do not Touch' sign to be displayed.  The signage is still there.

I did most of the parts since he was sick.  The unique of this craft was my son wanted a horse with not one but three saddles!

Updated 23 February 2014 - my son has recovered from fever on the 6th day.

Front view

Rear view

Close up
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~Summer~ said...

You know, back in Sweden, the docs never do give any medicine for fever unless it goes super high, like over 40 degree cel. If not, they just tell you to sponge, wear less, drink Coke, eat ice cream etc. But here in Sg, everything is about medication and antibiotics and I'm not convinced if that is a good thing but judging from how my girl keeps falling sick once we came back because of the viruses in school, she has been taking medicine so much more than i would have liked. Well. On another note, that horse rox and the face is so cute! Thanks for linking up and sharing!

Dragonfly said...

Ya, it's different in sg. Guess kids in Europe fall sick less often than sg too. I will still stick to no medicine for a few days if he can sleep cos I'm confident my boy will recover. But not when the temp is over 40 degree cel.

Thanks for dropping by.