Thursday, May 22, 2014

Octopus, DIY Gift Box

Food Art #336

Simple meal at home.  Potato mash for the octopus head.  Green peas for its eight tentacles.  Some carrots and cherries to create rocky seabed under the sea.  I decorated the baked salmon fillet with some patterns which I pressed out from a piece of cheese using straw. Hehe, does it look like coral?  Well, guess you need some imagination!

Last week happened to be the birthday of his form teacher, Ms Josie and some of the kids actually gave her presents.  After school, my son told me that he too wanted to make a gift for Ms Josie.  A box!  Yeah, a box for his teacher he insisted.  I then asked him why it has to be a box?  He replied that Ms Josie wanted a box to put her things.  I was quite baffled that the teacher requested for it.  (Afterwhich, I learnt from his Chinese teacher, she had read a story about a box to the children.  Probably that was the reason why he thought of a box as a gift.)  Back home, he searched our shoe cabinet for empty boxes.  Mommy usually kept a couple of nice shoe boxes whenever she buys new shoes.  A habit I could not explain why ;P  We decided to use his kiddy shoe box; old and dusty.  Not for long....after we transformed it.

First, I told me son to wipe off the dust with a dam cloth.  Then, I took out my art and craft barang (a Malay word for stuff) and let him chose the materials to dress up the box. 

  • An old shoe box of any size
  • A red colour wrapping paper (which I collected from Christmas shopping last year)
  • A paper daisy (from Grandma and she also could not remember how on earth she got it)
  • Black felt for the base
  • Stickers, stencils, colour papers or any decorative items you can find
  • Glue
Whilst I wrapped up the shoe box, my boy did the decorative parts and cuttings where necessary. We also did the paper daisy together. He was so proud of the DIY gift box and that night, he slept with it.

Cut-outs to make paper daisy

Bright yellow daisy

DIY gift box
Glue black felt on the base
Stickers around the four sides of the box

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~Summer~ said...

Oh it's very sweet of the boy! =) What a very pretty box and a creative bento! =) I think the idea of using straw for cheese is very smart! =) Thanks for linking up!

Derene said...

Hi Dragonfly,

I am a FTWM who doesn't know how to cook. As my son (6 yrs old) is going for a zoo trip next week, I am planning to pack some sandwiches for his lunch and make it a simple bento. My son is allergic to eggs so I thought to just have cheese and ham sandwich and some small sausages. As we have to pack it around 7.30am and lunch is at 12.30pm- will the food be ok to last? How about packing of boiled broccoli? Will it last?

Dragonfly said...

Summer, Thanks for the compliments.

Derene, Ham, cheese and sausages are fine to pack in his lunch box for the field trip. Great to add some greens too! I suggest using ice pack or insulated bag (I bought mine from Daiso). Hope it helps. Let me know if in doubt. Coincidentally, my son is going to zoo trip this Friday too. Haha, I'm also packing ham and cheese sandwich. ;)