Saturday, August 2, 2014

Almost a Tic Tac Toe

Bento # 336

It has been a while since I last made a bento box. And today I did not know what should I prepare for my son's lunch (you know there were times we, as a home maker, just could not figure out what to put on the dining table).  I was contemplating between sushi or rice ball and my dear son chose to have rice ball. So I put together all the ingredients available into a bento box and almost did a Tic Tac Toe theme but without the the 'X' and 'O'.  My boy has rice balls wrapped with seaweed/topped with pork floss, tamagoyaki, stir-fried chicken breast with soya/mirin, boil green peas/carrot strips and green kiwi.  However he commented that the rice balls did not taste like 'Japanese' food.  Indeed, it was just plain rice flavoured with pork floss.  I shall try some furikake seasoning next time.

July - a month that was truly eventful and unforgettable due to the loss of our grandma (aka Ah Ma)who has passed away (less than a week after we visited her during the June school holiday) and the Primary one registration for in-take 2015 (details refer to MOE website). In Singapore, majority of the parents, wherever possible, would have planned to become a parent volunteer or even become a member of affiliated association or part of resident committee, two years ahead of the registration just to have greater chance of enrolling their kids into their choice of primary school (especially popular or elite schools).  Well, we did nothing of that sort (basically I lacked support/backing from Papa).  And now, we were faced with a situation that balloting is required for Singapore citizen who resides within 1km away from the school as the number of children registered exceeded the vacancy available in the school of our choice in phase 2C.  It has been stressful for the past few days.  I have been calling and even popping by the school to check the statistics.  Balloting is fixed on 6 August 2014.  I wish for luck and the best outcome for us.

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