Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tamgo and crabstick sushi, Tiong Bahru (Train) Playground

Sushi has always been a convenient food and easy to pack in a bento box.   What stands out in the box above was the bright red cara cara orange apart from his usual tamago and crabstick sushi and edamame.  Love the colours!!
Two weeks ago on a Sunday evening, whilst our Papa was busy with his home improvement project, we decided to visit the train playground nestled at Tiong Bahru Park.  It was a last minute thing since my boy was getting quite restless and boredom began to consume him. I brought along our doggie, Nitro too.  I drove there unfamiliar with the directions and as a matter of fact, almost lost on the way.  But luckily, we spotted the train playground from a distance and managed to park right next to the park.
It was a nice playground (though quite run down) with many kids playing around amidst a group of scantily dressed foreigners' 'happy hour' with a stench of alcohol in the air.  Now I know why there were so much rubbish to clear the next day and I have been advised to avoid Mondays too. 
Unfortunately, my boy was not impressed nor interested in exploring the tilted 'train' but rather engrossed in playing sands with his new found friends and flying fox.  Nevertheless, he enjoyed the playtime and wanted to come back again. 

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