Thursday, August 7, 2014

Egg mayo pocket sandwich

Bento #337

I made a simple egg mayo pocket sandwich for his lunch box on Monday.  I like to add a bit of honey mustard sauce for more flavour into the egg mayo mixture as well as some organic baby spinach for some fibre.  On top of which, the box also contains some cashew nuts, green kiwi and raw carrot flower.  A really light lunch and egg is his favourite food. 

My mother-in-law passed away peacefully on 29 Jun 2014 at the age of 91 years old, less than a week after we made a trip down as part of our holiday since the school was out. As a result, we flew back to Malaysia again to attend the wake/funeral.   My son knew that grandma would never wake up again to chat with him and I was touched that he mentioned he missed her so much on the way to crematorium.  During the period, he was cheerful playing with a boy next door named Guan Shen whom kept him company throughout the period.  According to my husband, the family member saw a moth appeared when my father in-law passed away. A belief that 'they' have returned to visit you in another a form.   Whereas as for my mother in-law, she was a dragonfly instead.  Coincidentally, my son has a few sightings in the bedroom (in Malaysia) and as we were about to took off from the airport runway.  Even at my husband's third brother house, there was a day we saw numerous swarms of dragonflies flying outside the main gate, a phenomenon, which was never happened before.  Back Singapore, I also began to notice a dragonfly sometimes hovering at the soccer field which seemingly (if I may say her spirit) watching over my son playing football.  Was it his beloved grandma; my mother in-law?

Another incident has also trigger the thought that her spirit was around us.  Lately, I have been utterly stressful after we learned that balloting was required at our choice of school during the Primary One registration here.  My hubby went down to the school personally to witness the balloting.  Anxiously awaiting the result at home since my boy was not awoke early that morning.  To our joy, my son was allocated the number 6 and was lucky to be drawn - not the last few but the second in line!  I was so relief and happy to receive my hubby's message.  I chose to believe that it was a blessing from my mother in-law spirit.  And of course, I was glad that primary one registration was over for us and we could sleep well in peace at night now.

Changi boardwalk

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