Thursday, April 30, 2015

7th Birthday - Transformer Roll Out

He was having a running and congested nose on his 7th Birthday. As such, we abandoned the plan to visit Night Safari which he requested earlier.  We celebrated at home with father and son since their birthdays were so close to each to other.  It also made the celebration more meaningful, especially the bond between father and son.  Since our Grandma has just passed away last year, I was not supposed to make any birthday cake  I bought the cake from Bengawan Solo which my son chose the theme and Papa selected the design (I thought my boy was trying to please his father by agreeing on the design, both unanimously).  So it was a homely affair this year.  Also, he got to enjoy and eat the chocolate cake before the dietary change to go gluten free (not 100% though).

I like the fresh cream on the cake but found the chocolate rice ball and cream inside the layers were tad too sweet.

The most important men in my entire life.  Cake cutting was short and sweet.  The younger one was too eager to eat his cake. The older one swiftly finished his slice of cake and sat on the sofa to watch television.  Mommy later went back to the kitchen and cleared all the dishes and continued the washing. 

It's over just like that  .........  but they were happy and me too :))

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