Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chicken tofu patties

# 350

I have not done any bento(s) lately.  I was pre-occupied with my son's sickness and dietary change.  He is feeling a lot better now.  Therefore, I made a simple and no-frill bento.  Inside the box, he has chicken tofu patties, boiled carrot flowers/broccoli, cherry tomatoes, romaine leave as a divider, short grain rice topped with wasabi furikake.  The chicken tofu was really yummy which can be found at Just One Cookbook.

In one of our lazy weekends, my boy discovered this old typewriter at Toast Box (coffee chain).  We passed by many times and yet we did not even notice it.   He was so fascinated with the typewriter and played on it for a long time.  It was so funny watching him fiddling with the typewriter and his intense curiosity on how the machine works. 

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