Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Bento No. 312
The was my second attempt creating Elmo bento for his lunch.  The first time, I remembered, was a couple of years ago when my son was still crazy over the Sesame Street.   I did it using cherry tomatoes.  However, his taste changed later and rejected cherry tomatoes entirely till now.  Hence, I stopped too, making more animals theme bentos instead.  Inspired by bento bloggers, I made Elmo again using hotdogs rolled with omelette, rice and pork floss. :))  Facial details were cheese, carrots and seaweed.  On the sides, my son has blanched broccoli/carrot and green kiwi.  I only told my boy about the ingredients and kept him in the dark that it was Elmo theme charaben.  He is not into cute cute stuff anymore.  What he likes now is the food not charaben.  Very honest of him to tell me so but I felt a little disappointed.  Well, I may have more 'No frill Bento' style to share in my blog space next time.

White lie - my boy has been telling me lies not once but on a few occasion just to get what he want and avoid scolding from Mommy.  Even after explaining to him several times to be honest with Mommy, he did it over and over again.  Looking blank with his big big eyes innocently each time I questioned him.  And, when I took away his 'privileges' like not going to playground, he would tear and hug me apologising that he will not do it again.  The truth is more than I could handle. Most of the times, I over-reacted, lectured and reprimanded him.  I even made him write 5 times of "I will not lie again" in his notebook.  He giggled, smiled and happily practised his writing skill.  It was a challenge to handle a lying child and especially knowing it was harmless now for a 5 years old boy. Consequence reasoning and positive reinforcement may be a solution to it.  I shall try........

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