Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sumo, baked wanton skin basket, school project

Bento No. 314

In this box, my boy has boiled wanton, fried egg with chopped tomatoes in baked wanton skin basket, Japanese cucumber, slice of orange, green kiwi and a sumo pumpkin mantou. The latter's details were made of nori.  I normally used silicon or paper cups to organise food and keep flavours separate inside the box for instance the green kiwi above. For a change, I made an edible cups instead; baked wanton skin basket!  My little man was real fussy that day.  Rejecting all kinds of food I suggested to prepare for him.  I was desperate and cracking my head how to entice him to have his lunch before school and the idea hit me since I had a packet of wanton skin in the refrigerator! :))  The wanton skin was nicely browned only on my second batch.  My boy ate four wanton skin basket filled with fried egg and tomato and finished all the food :)) Yay!! He had his lunch at home and hence, the basket was still crispy.

Baked wonton skin basket
A close up look of the wanton skin basket above.  Below is how I baked these basket.
  1. Brush muffin tray with oil (I used olive oil)
  2. Press the wanton skin inside the muffin cup
  3. Brush on each wanton skin with some oil again. 
  4. Baked at 180 degree Celsius for 5 minutes till lightly golden brown

Every school holiday, my boy's kindergarten will be given a mini home project to do at home. The theme for his June holiday project was 'Uniquely Singapore'.  Kids were to create a scrapbook/poster/story book about the new knowledge they gained through their visit to and/or discovery on Little India, Chinatown, Geylang Serai, Museums, ethnic food, Singapore river and cultures of different races. I decided not to follow the school's suggested areas/places.  Neither did I complete the home project during the June holidays.  Instead, we chose 'Changi Airport' and we did it only when school re-opened. :P 

Materials required :

  • An old book cover or any case (I used CD case)
  • Colour papers (to make the control tower, background green, sky blue and messages in different shapes)
  • Marker, crayons (to draw, write and colour)
  • Colourful pom poms (need a little imagination; green and red to represent Singapore is a garden city) 
  • Blue Pipe cleaner (for the control tower) 
  • Tissue paper crushed (for the clouds)


CD book case

After (the finished product)



kw bentodiary said...

awww....your wanton skin basket looks yummy!! And cute sumo too ^^

Great job on the mini project "Changi Airport"

Dragonfly said...

Thank you for the compliments. :))