Sunday, July 28, 2013

Panda pancake, Dragon playground

I chanced upon a receipe using butter instead of oil to make pancake and the author claimed it was the most yummy pancake they ever tasted.  Hence, I decided to give it a try.  I made some panda shape pancake for fun :)  Indeed, it was really tasty eating plain alone and my son loves it. 

Last Thursday, we went to Singapore iconic dragon playground at Toa Payoh after school. Cloudy and with a breeze, it was a perfect day at this nostalgic playground in the late afternoon.  I have long wanted to bring my boy to see this old mosaic playground which was popular in the 80s and 90s.    Moreover, he had been asking me to bring him to a sandy playground at Sun Plaza Park, Tampines for the past few days.  And I thought why not we venture out of our neighbourhood for a change.  Another compelling reason to bring him there was because he had visited the National Museum of Singapore on 7 July 2013 which the Island Adventure for kids this year featured this particular playground.  It would be nice to see the real one instead.  The playground was pretty run down and located next to a deserted apartment, Block 28 (which I understand will be demolished at the end of this year).  Nevertheless,, it still has the majestic look of a dragon and my boy thought he found dragon fossil! ;) There were only one little girl playing there when we reached the place. Subsequently, another 2 more families joined in.  They were all accompanied by one parent i.e. the daddies!  I was the odd one out..haha. Whilst the boy was having fun playing and mingling with his new found friends, I observed that there were plenty of litters, cigarettes butts and even some broken glass on grass patch.  Quite an ugly sight to see around children's playground.  My boy has blast there and requested to come back again.  Hopefully, the playground would not be demolished together with the apartments! 

Singapore iconic dragon playground


Blk 28 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 S 310028

The only swing left
National Museum of Singapore -
Children's Season 2013 Island Adventures

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