Friday, September 27, 2013

Alien and space theme

Bento No. 319

Recently, we had a conversation on the physical difference between boy and girl.  And my boy touched on the genital parts of his body.  He asked "Why Mommy does not have a 'pee pee' (the crown jewels)?"  And I replied straight forward that "Because I'm a woman (girl) and you are a boy (man)".  And he said "No, because Mommy is an alien.  Alien does not have a pee pee!!"  I found it pretty hilarious and thought that he had a good sense of humour too for a 5 years old child.  Don't you think so?

The above bento, nonetheless and of course, inspired by my little one.  An alien that was made of tofu, red pepper, yellow cheese and seaweed.  And the outer space like the stars, moon and planet were maple baked ham and orange cheddar cheese. In the box, he also has pan-fried chicken thigh, blanched broccoli and black grapes.

We like to go to the library near our neighbourhood for storytelling session every Tuesday after his school.  He got to meet different librarian and their unique style to keep their story interesting and captivate these young children.  And my boy and myself personally like one particular male storyteller because he was the only one so far who could keep the children sat still and attentive to his story.  We also especially love it when the librarian involved the kids to participate inside the story line.  Like this librarian began with a nursery song - This old man and, held a puppet with 10 pockets on his jumper.  Each kids was supposed to place an object in these little pocket as they sang the song.   They had a ball of fun indeed before settling down for storytelling session.

Storytelling session at the library

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