Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tamago Temaki, DIY notebook for Teacher's Day

Lunch at home
We are back from one week holiday in Malaysia.  Prior to departure, I wrote this post and did not post it somehow. 
Dated 4 September 2013
Weather has been quite unpredictable.  One moment is a bright sunny day and the next, starts to rain.  It really takes a toll on the little one's body.  Although my son is still nursing a running nose and a mild cough, I am relieved that he still has the appetite for food.  And he requested tamago temaki for lunch today.  He finished the temaki but he did not eat the apple. 
Teacher's day falls on this Friday, 6 September 2013.  We DIY a notebook for his English teacher, Ms Alice and Chinese teacher, Fu Laoshi.  Nothing new and refreshing, I just recycled the idea last year ;)  However, I spent a little more on pretty scrapping paper and washi tape.  And more elaborated on the decorations. 

K1 English and Chinese teachers drew by my boy

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