Thursday, October 3, 2013

Batman, Toilet roll penguim

Bento No. 320

I think my batman puts on weight!  Haha...  Face was made of orange cheddar cheese and the rest of the details together with the bat and spider were all freehand cut out from nori.  Then, I glued it onto the egg sheet with some sticky peanut butter.  Underneath the box, he had fried mushroom noodles with cabbage, carrot and cube chicken breast.  On the side, I placed some green and red carrots (ingredients I used to boil the soup) and green kiwi which I decorated with transportation foodpicks.  As part of the growing up phase, my son has a liking towards superhero and villain play nowadays.  At the playground in our neighbourhood, I observed that boys at his age or older ones played pretend fighting with masks and gears like those of superhero and, weapons like knife, sword, guns were seen dishing out to the group of kids to play with.  It was worrisome sight watching them because I need to constantly reminded him not to get hurt himself or hurt another child or even turned violent (never happen) when they were pretend fighting.  And also be mindful of the fact that there were babies and toddlers at the playground too.  These weapons, some of which, has pointed ends that also got me spied them with a hawk-eye to avoid possible accidents which we never knew it might happen.  Even though my son loves to play guns and weapons, we discouraged it at home and never bought any toys of such.  Hence, he often made his own weapons using lego blocks.  I thought that was a brilliant idea and literally killed two birds with one stone; encouraged creativity and saved lots of dollars.

Despite all the boy stuff about guns and weapon, he still loves crafting with Mommy.  We did a toilet roll penguim. Material we used:-

  • a toilet roll
  • black paint
  • some black, white and yellow paper for its wings, flippers, chest and beak
  • wiggling eyes
  • glue
  • Optional : pipe-cleaner and bottle cap to make it look more hip hop ;)