Friday, July 10, 2015

Bullet train

# 353
What do you think of the bullet train onigiri?  In his lunchbox, my son has baked salmon, steamed pumpkin, blanched edamame, checker apple and of course the bullet train onigiri stuffed with furikake. Yeah, I am still reminiscing about our Japan trip during the June school holiday.

We had the opportunity to take Tokaido Shinkasen bullet train line from Tokyo to Kyoto station as part of our itinerary. Papa purchased the fastest train, the Nozomi Super express 229 model N700 which was only two hours ride.  We also had some of the most pretty and delicious 'ekiben' we bought from the platform for lunch.  'Eki' is the Japanese word for train station and 'ben' is short for bento.  Kids especially boys love trains.  And so is my son!  There, he enjoyed the best of both worlds; train and his ekiben.  

Shinkasen Ekiben

Car No. 11

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