Thursday, July 30, 2015

Corn flakes chicken nuggets

# 345

Lately, my son seems to miss Mummy's bento and has asked me to pack for him to bring to school on alternate days.  Out of the blue, he told me that the food sold in his school's canteen was not nice.  He preferred Mummy's bento.  I was overjoyed to hear from him :)) 

I realised I could not make a charaben (aka character bento) early in the morning unless I planned it properly the day before.  Corn flakes chicken nuggets was pretty easy to prepare.  I woke up at 5.30am and targeted to finish before 6.30am which I did!  Leaving me ample time to get the breakfast ready on the table and pulled the little one out from his bed if he still in his sweet dream. 

I minced chicken breast prior day. This morning, I marinated it with pinch of pepper, coated with Japanese mayonnaise and crushed corn flakes.  Pan-fried to golden brown.  Blanched the sugar beans at the same time.  I have a couple of muffin papers left in the pantry and hence, I used it to hold the cheese bun and chicken nuggets.  Put in the vegetables/fruits; sugar beans, Japanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, raspberries and a dried prune.  Plonked two cute foodpicks and then left it to cool off before covering and packing the bento box into his schoolbag.

There's quite a lot of food for his half hour recess time.  Boy is growing up and his appetite is huge nowadays.  Hope he enjoys his bento.

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