Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kokeshi Bento - Bushi (or samurai)

I bought Kokeshi Bento - Bushi (or samurai) from Bento & Co from our Kyoto trip in June 2015.  There were many types of Japanese dolls and my boy chose samurai for himself.  Today I used it for my boy's lunch at home which he had steamed ginger chicken drumstick meat, blanched broccoli/carrot, steamed purple sweet potato and furikake on the white rice.  The bowl which is the headpiece cannot hold any food except for soup that need to pack separately.

Bushi (Samurai)

Love this compact and cute bento box!   How about you?

Raising kid(s) has not been smooth ride.  Despite his tantrums and misbehaviour, it is nonetheless very fulfilling and satisfying mission (possible) when the little one whom you nurtured blessed with good character, upright, passionate and well mannered. 

Looking back, from a doe eyed boy, my boy has grown so much to a now active primary school kid.  It has never occurred to me that he could be one of the naughty one in the class until his form teacher called and feedback to me. He torn and crushed his classmate's English booklet.  When questioned, he was not able to give a reason for doing it.  He teared and gazed at us not knowing how to explain his bad behaviour.  I walked home with a heavy heart on Tuesday. Hoping to gain more insight of his inner feeling as to why he did such a mean thing to his classmate but to no avail.  There's this little rebellious trait in his blood lately that I have also found it hard to get him to do his homework automatically without me nagging or scolding.

Hope he learned from his mistake............

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