Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No bake oreo (yogurt) cheesecake

My first attempt of no bake oreo (yogurt) cheesecake!  I did some research and tweaked the original receipe. 
  1. The receipe called for 7 inch cake tin.  Unfortunately, I could not find any cake ring in Phoon Huat store.  So I bought a 20 cm springform cake tin. 
  2. I used greek yogurt instead of Marigold low fat. 
  3. I reduced the gelatin from 2.5 tbsp. to 1.5 tbsp.
  4. In the blender, I blitzed the cookie biscuits into almost powder form for the base.
  5. I did not freeze the cake because my freezer was full. What I did was,  set the refrigerator to 3 degree Celsius.  When I checked the base, I made sure it was firm to touch.
  6. I left the cake overnight in the refrigerator.
It was pretty easy from setting the base to mixing the batter and finally, popped into the refrigerator. The cake turned out well.  The cake was rather short though.  It did not wobble or collapse when I cut it.  The tricky part was to remove the cake from the tin and placed it on a cake board.  If you are novice like me, do check out a few videos prior.

My boy, being a cheese lover, does not like the tangy smell and taste of yogurt.  However, I tried adding some honey and it actually could mask off the sour taste a little.   Honestly, I really could not taste any cream cheese.  It was light and pudding like texture.  My mum who dislikes cheesy stuff commented that the cake was nice to eat.  So if you are looking for real cheesecake, I guess this is not the type of cake you wish to make. 
Receipe adapted and modified from Cynthia The Baking Biatch ( http://www.thebakingbiatch.com/2013/10/cynthias-oreo-cheesecake.html.)
250g plain greek yogurt
250g low fat cream cheese (room temperature)
11/2 tbsp gelatin powder
75gcastor sugar
40g oreo cookies crushed (excluding cream)

200g oreo cookies (excluding cream)
80g unsalted butter
6 normal size oreos


Sprinkle more oreo powder on top requested by my boy