Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinosaurs Birthday cake

In my latest blog, I have mentioned that my son 3rd Birthday is due on April 8th.  Prior day, he will celebrate in his school. On his actual day,  I am sure he will be overjoyed at the Jungle Breakfast at the Zoo.  I decided to bake a birthday cake myself and decorated it with his favourite dinosaurs  (Oh yes, he requested for a dino cake).  Tata, here it is..  This is my first attempt baking a birthday cake!  I made a chocolate cake (after browsing Soooooo long for the perfect chocolate cake using hershey cocoa powder).  Considering they are all little babies in his preschool, I reduce the amount of sugar in the cake and choose an avocado cream cheese frosting which is not only most appropriate natural green colour for a dino theme cake but it is also nutritious and healthy snack for little tummies   I placed round cookie crisps around the cake and tiny raisin to represent the rocks.  Very 'minimalist', I feel about the appearance of this cake. Perhaps, I should add more colours to the cake.
Not really done yet, it is a protype to see how it taste and look before the actual day of preparation..  Wish me luck :D

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