Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Bento No. 53

Originally, I want to make a pair of tiger cubs.  Due to limited time and in a hurry, I used CarlaCraft mini panda puncher to print out all the facial expression.  Because the snout is so tiny and turned out looking like a pair of kittens  I used basmatic rice tinted with tumeric powder to yield a yellow colour.  However, basmatic rice is not as sticky like the Australia calrose rice that I always cooked. And it does not hold together after I pressed out the rice from the bear mould. (Oh, I run out of the calrose rice.  Thats why!)

All his favourite food in this lunch today which include baked salmon, yellow rice and strawberries.  Not so to his liking is cauliflower which I hid it under the yellow rice....hehe

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