Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ham and Cheese Sandwich Roll Up and a 'dirty' Cow

Bento No. 46
 After trying the chicken mayo sandwich roll up for my son previously, I find the presentation is more colourful and appealing (if I am not making any cute animals).  Hence, I used the same method yesterday and made a ham and cheese roll up again.  I added salad in the fillings too!  I mixed a bowl of salad that comprised of purple cabbage, butterhead lettues and golden raisin with honey mustard sauce and placed some inside the bread. Hehe, this is one way to make my boy eats more greens!  In his bento, he also has strawberries (from korea) and blueberries.   Korea strawberries is abundant nowadays in the supermarket and simply just could not resist it :)  A light, fruity and healthy lunch.

The little finger pointing at the mouse foodpick asking "What is that?".  I was surprised that he does not know it was a mouse!

Bento No. 47
I have leftover black sesame powder which I earlier used to make dressing for french bean. So I experimented it by dusting some on the cow and to see the effect.  Needless to say, it looks cheekily 'dirty' :P  I asked my son "what is this animal?".  He paused for a long long time and looked blindly at me.  Then, I hinted "Is it a cow?".  His face suddenly lighted up and happily replied "Ya!". 

He has snow pea stir-fried with chicken breast and carrot, egg tofu and sunkist oranges. Eggs, my son loves any dish wih eggs!  He was just asking last night during our dinner why there was no egg.

Being adventurous backfired today, my boy reported that he was punished (by facing at one corner at school) because he 'spilled' the rice and more :-

"I don't like white rice." 
"I don't like the cow."
"I did not eat the rice."


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