Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sushi Bento

Bento No. 45
When I arrived at school this morning, I am in cloud nine when teacher praised the bento I made was very cute and creative. One of the teacher is so impressed that she took a picture of it :D  Cool!

My son appetite has also increased too and I am glad that he ate the cherry tomato now. Thanks to the cute skewer which make it fun to eat I guess.  Nothing special today, a normal baked salmon sushi bento but I packed a lot more here; edamame, tamagoyaki, a cherry tomato and dragonfruits.


KidsDreamWork said...

The most wonderful thing of making a bento is when we are being appreciated isn't it? :D

Dragonfly said...

Ya, you hit the spot! Your puzzle sandwich is so aspiring that I can't help but order 2 cutters at one go :D